Now you can read the whole Constitution and all the Amendments in under 30 minutes. Even more importantly, you will understand what you have read!

Simple and easy to understand? No way. Yes, way! Finally, I have the "big picture!" Thanks for making the Constitution come to life.
Mary C. -- Student

"I tried reading the little booklet Constitutions and never could get my mind around it. Now it all makes perfect sense to me." Frances G. -- Customer Service Rep

A must read for every teacher and every student of history. I can't believe how many years I spent struggling to understand a document that really did come alive in 30 minutes.
Frank J. -- History Teacher

For most people reading the United States Constitution is difficult, and no wonder! It was written in “legalese,” and most of it is more than 200 years old.

But now
The Constitution Made Easy
 not only offers a modernized version for easier reading; it actually makes the meaning of the original seem to jump off the page! 

The Constitution has been called the greatest governing document ever written by man. Understanding it is worth the effort, and now easier than ever before. Enjoy!